Investing in Supernova

At Expedite Ventures, we love DevTools. We especially love DevTools which promote cross-functionality by bringing developers together with other creative colleagues.

And this is exactly what our portfolio company Supernova does - in this case it’s bridging the gap between designers and developers. The connection between those two is an extremely important one in the world of ever-more important UX - and still, the disconnect sometimes couldn’t be bigger, particularly in larger organizations. And that leads to broken, inconsistent user experiences - because it’s simply hard to manage and update a consistent design over its complete lifecycle.

Supernova actually helps designers and developers to work better together in the context of a so-called design system. Those have become the hot topic in the recent years. A design system is a shared language, a set of standards to create beautiful visual experiences, based on reusable components and patterns. It’s the final source of through about the design language of a company. At scale.

Supernova helps managing and documenting the entire lifecycle of a Design System centralized in one place without changing workflows or tools like Figma.

For a developer that means if a refinement of a design is to be rolled out, you’ll get an automated export delivery of tokens, styles, assets and code to handover to the developers. So your flutter-based mobile apps will get the same updates like your website, and developers get everything served on a silver plate in form of a GitHub pull request. Cool, eh?

And that kind of cooperation doesn’t only make the designers and developers happy, but also the management of a company. Because they get not only higher quality through visual consistency across multiple products and channels, they’ll also save a ton of money. That’s why they keep on convincing more and more large name brands. And with their latest announcement of their design token manager with support for Figma Tokens plugin and themes, they’ll continue to lead the space for Design Systems.

That’s why we are incredibly excited and honored to partner with the Supernova in their $4.8m seed round. Congratulations to Jiri, the Founder and the whole team. We are looking forward to the journey ahead!

Of course, we at Expedite will continue to keep investing in great DevTools to make developers and companies more productive and successful.

Thomas, Lead Angel for Supernova

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