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Expedite Ventures is a Business Angel group of CTOs and CPOs. We support tech founders hands-on with our know-how and capital.

We’re nerds at heart, all passionate founders ourselves - some of us are still running startups. We have decades of collective experience in building and scaling technology companies.

We offer a true hands-on mentoring approach, which we think is at least as important as capital. That’s why we provide both - plus a perspective that typical business-oriented angels and most VCs simply can’t provide.

We especially encourage those who are already engineering today’s technology to get into the drivers seat and start their own journey. We expedite their ventures in the early stages to become profitable and VC-ready. We particularly aim to support notoriously underrepresented groups in tech such as first-time tech founders, female founders and immigrant founders.

To learn more about our CTO Angel Network, please read our Playbook.


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